Welcome to Pestrid - Professional pest control services in Cairns
If your property is infested with pests of any kind, you need Pestrid Pest Management Services to help eliminate all those creepy bugs, rodents and termites!

We have dedicated our time for nearly four whole decades to eliminating pests from properties across Cairns and the surrounding areas through our family run and locally owned pest control business. Our extensive experience in pest management means that all our customers receive 100% satisfaction because we know how to eliminate all those pesky pests properly, time after time.


Domestic & Commercial
Environmentally Responsible
Safe & Effective
Onsite Visits / Free Quotes
Family Owned & Operated
Pestrid Pest Control Management Services guarantee to:

Provide a range of treatments banishing your property of cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, termites and all other creepy crawlies you need removed.

Perform pre-purchase pest inspections and termite inspections on all potential domestic and commercial properties.

Use non-invasive inspection and treatment methods, always respecting each and every property we work on.

Be environmentally responsible, follow Australian safety regulations, as well as having the best local knowledge of all local pests.

Provide you with the highest level of personal customer service, and successfully maintain excellent communication.


exceptional service is routine

Using up to date industry technologies and techniques, combined with our personalised, efficient services, on all domestic and commercial properties to make sure that your businesses and homes are no longer invaded with unwelcome visitors.

We help all environments from warehouses, factories, farms, stations and even mines, so give us a call no matter who you are or your commercial industry.


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