1 in 2 house in the Cairns region is likely to be attacked by Termites its lifetime, and once a house has been attacked future attacks are more likely.

The first and most important part of Termite management is having a trained and licensed technician perform an inspection of the property. Australian Standards 3660.2 recommends that termite inspections be performed at least annually and more often in high risk areas.

Subterranean Termites travel underground and may enter a building below ground level, thus being concealed. Termites can use the construction methods to stay concealed while seeking out and eating and damaging building timbers and materials. Sometimes these timbers are structural elements and can render a building structurally unsound without you even knowing. You may accidently find some Termite damage or activity in joinery timbers, cupboards or during renovations or even cleaning, but this may only be the tip of the iceberg.


Termite Treatments

Did you know that home and building insurance does not cover Termite damage? If you have a newish home or building and have not had regular inspections, then any claim for damage through the builder or Termite system warranty (installed at construction) could be void.



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