Termite Treatments

The Termatrac device is able to detect Termite movement in concealed areas such as wall framing, cavities, under cupboards etc. It can also detect areas of moisture associated with Termite activity and leaks and can scan surface temperatures to confirm any Termite nests in wall and roof voids.

Pestrid has available a quality Borescope allowing us, if required, to drill small holes into cavities and have a 360 degree visual inspection for signs of Termites or other pests.

Pestrid will also report on construction and environmental conditions that are conducive to Termites and make recommendations to rectify and minimise the conditions. Pestrid performs moisture testing during the inspections and can alert you to leaking showers, pipes etc.

Pestrid uses the latest report writing technology enabling us to use our mobile devices to complete reports, capture photos to insert within the report and provide an easy to read electronic format via email.

If Termites are present at your property Pestrid can provide a range of effective treatment and management solutions.

Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System

The concept of Exterra is to find Termites before they find your house and eliminate them using Termite bait. Tamper resistant in-ground and in-concrete stations are placed around the perimeter of your building containing an attractive timber food source. Focus Termite attractant is added to the stations annually to ensure Termites enter and don’t bypass the stations. Your property is protected by Exterra's unique Focus interception zone. The system and stations are inspected regularly for Termite activity and kept well maintained, as well as keeping free from Termite predators such as ants.

Once Termite activity is located, Requiem Termite bait is added for Termites to consume and ensure colony elimination. The service intervals are shortened while baiting to maintain bait levels. Requiem Termite bait is a Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor meaning termites will continue to feed on the bait until colony is eliminated. After the Termites are eliminated the stations are reset to interception mode.

If Termites are present within a structure, tamper resistant above ground bait stations are installed to allow immediate consumption of bait and elimination of the colony sooner. Due to the mode of action of the bait, Termites stop consuming timber shortly after feeding on the bait and further damage is minimal. These stations are temporary and removed after elimination.

Termidor treated zones and barriers

If you have had Termites or not and would like to protect your property from Termites with minimum ongoing costs then the Termidor treated zone or barrier may be for you. Pestrid and our technicians are fully accredited Termidor operators and are part of the $2 million accredited Termidor applicator assurance warranty.

Termidors unique mode of action means it is non-repellent to Termites and has the Transfer Effect to continually kill Termites. Termidor is for use as a soil treatment and is to be applied around the foundations, slab edges, posts, piers and foundation walls of structures to created a treated zone. Termites cannot penetrate through, but continue to enter the treated soil, reducing and killing Termite numbers by means of the Transfer Effect. To apply Termidor at the correct rates involves the trenching and excavation of the soil around the substructure of the building, maybe drilling holes to patios, paths and driveways, the lifting of pavers. The Termidor is then applied to the soil by means of volume spraying and replacement of soil and injection under concrete to form a continuous treated zone. Pestrid will determine the soil type and if required will import new soil to maximise the life expectancy and effect of Termidor.


Other Services

Fed up of feeling like you have to share your house with uninvited guests? Tired of you and your employees having to work around nasty invasive pests? Pestrid Pest Management Services make certain you will have your houses and businesses back to yourselves in no time.



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